News Roundup for May 12, 2017

Another day of Donald Trump insanity.

1. Trump’s lawyers have “outlined” the President’s Russian income but provide no documents to backup their claims. This sounds insane but we’re not making this up. More here.

2. People are losing their minds over the body of a giant dead creature that washed up in Indonesia. Descriptions of the creature differ but one thing’s for sure… it’s definitely an alien. More here.

3. It looks like the founder of Jimmy John’s Sandwiches got naked and humped a dead shark. Somehow these photos are more disturbing than the giant dead thing in Indonesia. More here.

4. It took a few days but Trump just admitted that firing FBI Director James Comey was definitely about that whole Russia thing. More here.

5. A massive explosion of Ransomware is hitting targets all over the world. It basically locks down computers and demands bitcoin before allowing the user to proceed. No jokes here. This is legit scary. More here.