News Roundup for May 15, 2017

Another week of Trump. Strap in, things are about to get weird.

1. Rumor has it people in the White House have been feeding President Trump fake news. This doesn’t really come as a surprise. More here.

2. The United States Supreme Court announced it will not review a North Carolina voter ID law that discriminated against black voters. At least the courts are still fighting for human rights… More here.

3. California has allocated $15 million in their state budget to help those fighting deportation. How much of this will have to be used on failed screenwriters? More here.

4. North Korea just got a little closer to being able to hit the United States with a missile. No one tell Trump. More here.

5. The Trump White House’s new defence for its lies: “Fake but accurate.” That’s got an incredibly Orwellian ring to it. More here.