News Roundup for May 3, 2017

More like the blues roundup.

1. At least 38 people died after an ISIS attack on a refugee camp in Syria. More here.

2. Despite a change in the law, the NSA is still spying on you. ‘1984’ references are getting stale, but maybe George Orwell was onto something. More here.

3. A black woman took office as the student government president of American University for the first time. Fantastic, oh except for the horrific racist display which appeared around campus. More here.

4. Former NBA star Brandon Roy heroically shielded children from gunfire with his own body. Roy is recovering from a gunshot wound in his leg. More here.

5. Two of the five children of the Maryland ‘prank’ couple and YouTubers “DaddyOFive” have been removed by child services. We’re sure they’ll blame Philip DeFranco for this. More here.