News Roundup for May 8, 2017

Two out five ain’t bad!

1. France didn’t blow it in their presidential election on Sunday, voting in centrist Emmanuel Macron over far-right candidate Marine Le Pen. Looks like only 33.94% of France are Nazis... More here.

2. More than one million children are now refugees, fleeing from war in South Sudan. More here.

3. Stephen Hawking predicts that planet Earth will only survive for the next 100 years. We’re doomed unless Elon Musk brings us all to Mars. More here.

4. Obama warned Trump against hiring Mike Flynn, according to officials. So did everyone else. More here.

5. Denis Villeneuve says “Blade Runner 2049” will show off cinematographer Roger Deakins at his “most unhinged”. Villeneuve also says Harrison Ford remembers nothing from the shoot. More here.

Sad Harrison
Sad Harrison