News Roundup For October 6, 2017

1. A bombshell New York Times report detailed over three decades-worth of sexual harassment allegations and settled lawsuits from famed producer Harvey Weinstein. In a bizarre statement, Weinstein blames his age, misquotes Jay-Z, and announces his leave of absence from his production company. More here.

2. Tropical Storm Nate has killed 22 people in Central America. It’s set to turn into a category one hurricane by the time it reaches the U.S. More here.

3. Sources say Trump will likely decertify the Iran nuclear agreement, effectively kicking the issue to Congress. Who put this mad man in charge? Oh yeah…we did. More here.

4. That dossier - you know the one - is being investigated by Robert Mueller. We’re guessing it’s standard practice to investigate everything that has been in Trump’s sphere, but we still hope there’s something to it. More here.

5. The creator of Pepe, the popular meme co-opted by the ‘alt-right’ is not happy his character is associated with hate speech. More here.