News Roundup for September 1, 2017

Racist officer being racist.
Racist officer being racist.

Does the news know it’s the weekend?

1. A Georgia police officer was caught on camera saying “we only kill black people” to a woman during a traffic stop. If you don’t understand #BlackLivesMatter now, you never will. More here.

2. A Utah nurse was arrested for refusing to give a patient’s blood to a police officer. Watching the video only makes it worse. More here.

3. Vladimir Putin warns that whoever cracks artificial intelligence first will dominate the world. He just watched iRobot last week. More here.

4. Courts have nullified Kenya’s presidential vote from last month. More here.

5. In some good news, HBO’s “True Detective” is officially coming back for a third season. It already sounds way better than season 2. More here.

Video of the day: Here’s how to deal with the fact that your favorite pop culture icon is probably an awful human being.