News Roundup March 10, 2017

Welcome to your daily news roundup, we hope it’s not too depressing.

1. Seven states have joined Hawaii in legal challenges against Trump’s new travel ban. Surprise, surprise, the prejudiced ban is still prejudiced. More here.

2. The nude photo scandal involving the Marines is blowing up with investigations now spanning across all US Military organizations. Sexism and misogyny in the military, who could have guessed? More here.

3. The White House is in trouble with the Ethics Office over Kellyanne Conway’s endorsement of Ivanka Trump’s clothing line. Perhaps we can put Conway back in her coffin for eternal slumber. More here.

4. Federal investigators and computer scientists are investigating an odd connection between the Trump Organization and a Russian bank. Hmmm, are we the only ones seeing the signs here? More here.

5. Canadian judge resigns over insensitive, insulting, and sexist remarks in a rape case. See? Not all Canadians are incredibly polite. More here.