Cringe-Worthy Video Shows What NOT To Do When You Match Your Colleague

This is painful.

Some people can laugh it off when they show up to work wearing the same outfit as their colleague. Australian news anchor Amber Sherlock, it appears, is not one of those people.

Sherlock (center) and co-anchor Julie Snook (left) appeared on air with psychologist Sandy Rea (right) for a segment for 9 News Wednesday, in which it became clear as the three appeared on camera that they were all wearing what appeared to be the color white.

A visibly annoyed Sherlock demands that Snook put on a jacket. After Snook explains that she had been busy and forgot, Sherlock laments that she told her to do it “two hours ago.”

Snook, who clarified that her dress was actually blue, even offered to sit out of the segment entirely.

Eventually the camera cuts out and Snook reappears in a black jacket, likely brought over by one of the producers.

Snook and Sherlock released a joint statement following the incident, in which Sherlock said she “probably overreacted” and credited the dispute with the stress of live television. Snook added that the two are “good friends” who “just really love white!” but we can’t help but feel like there are so many more important things in life (and work) than showing up in the same color.

Perhaps Snook and Sherlock could learn a few things from Nicole Richie and Minka Kelly, or Taylor Swift and her squad, who love wearing matching each other at any given moment in time.

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Watch the entire cringe-worthy video above.