Newsflash: Forest Fires & Igniting Growth in Your Business


Anyone else get knocked down, or knocked around a little bit this week? Some prospects said "no," or you just had one of those days, or technology didn't work for you, or maybe something worse?

I recently dealt with a business issue and found some money hang-ups tied to it that started to really impact my mindset. ("As a money mindset coach, you shouldn't have money hang-ups" said the ego). Without getting into too much detail, I was looking at my experience as a $7k loss. I was beating myself up for making a "bad business decision." I was tied up in a long negotiation to regain some of the "financial loss" that I felt - while just growing more mentally, emotionally, and spiritually exhausted. It was draining.

Then, a light bulb went off. I don't need any of that "$7k loss" back. It's weird, I actually no longer want it. It might have come with too high of a price tag, but I have learned incredible lessons about how to apply my own values to business, how to enhance some of my processes around the client experience, and I stepped more into my power about how much value I provide as a coach. I feel truly confident that my clients are lucky to have me and at the same time, helping my clients fills my spirit. The small thinking that I started with became my strength. The beating myself became my wisdom and confidence. The "bad business decision" helped me further create the foundation of a business that truly makes me happy and is in alignment with my yoga teacher values of compassion, an open-heart, and kindness to all.


So yes, money mindset coaches have money "oh no's" too. And, I take a lesson from my recent cross country adventures to so many national parks and want to apply it to business for my fellow nature-loving entrepreneurs to appreciate. (Like I did in this well loved Huff Post Blog.)

I love Yellowstone National Park, and I was recently watching a documentary about the forest fires there. I was devastated to see how often that park has HUGE sections get "destroyed" by fire. But, did you know that forest fires can actually be beneficial? Yup - entire sections of forest burning down can be a good thing because new trees grow, undergrowth is cleared out, and this helps rejuvenate the forests and grasslands. I was shocked when I learned that! (Learn more here:

In business, just like in nature, getting burnt can make room for new growth but only if you allow it. Scientists used to think that forest fires were purely bad for our national parks, but they learned and changed their mindset to better manage fires in order to create new growth. (It's so cool!) And, that's exactly what you need to do in business. Master your mindset to better manage your business for growth. In the forest, new growth leads to new beauty. In business, new growth leads to better client relationships and better business overall. And who doesn't want that?

Have an awesome Friday.

p.s. Please always respect our national parks just like you respect your fellow business owners. Don't get starting any fires just to ignite some growth. There are better ways. But, when you are faced with a "fire" - always remember that there are lessons to be learned and opportunities to grow.