Newsmax Jesus Cover: Conservative Magazine Asks 'Will He Ever Return?'

Newsmax Jesus Cover: Conservative Magazine Asks 'Will He Ever Return?'

Correction: Newsmax's cover story "The Jesus Question" is from April 2009.

The editors of Newsmax might be getting a little impatient for the second coming of Christ.

The conservative magazine's latest cover story, "The Jesus Question," is about the son of god's return to earth as prophesied in the Bible.

Jesus is no stranger to newstands. Biblical history interests plenty of readers. Just ask a few magazine editors. But the text accompanying Newsmax's Jesus cover story ("Will He Ever Return?") seems to strike a more plaintive, are-we-there-yet tone, that differs from those of the general interest magazines.

While the article is posted online, a search of the magazine's web site yields a bulleted outline that will tell many readers what they want to know.

Obama's armageddon-inducing health care bill isn't mentioned, but the president's "globalist" ways are panned in a section devoted to biblical prophesies. Newsmax reports:

Satan shall "deceive the nations which are in the four quarters of the earth," and shall "gather them together" to encircle and attack Israel.
-- Rev. 20: 7-9

The expansion of the European Union; NAFTA and global economics; a U.S. economy flirting with socialism and the election of an internationalist president in Obama.

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