Newspapers Highlight Hillary's Historic Nomination ... With Photos Of Bill

She's the Democratic nominee, but apparently we're still defining her by her husband.

Hillary Clinton is officially the first woman to ever clinch the Democratic nomination for president. Most major U.S. newspapers featured her historic win on their front pages Wednesday ... but some made the rather awkward decision to splash photos of her husband instead.

Former President Bill Clinton was Tuesday night’s keynote speaker at the Democratic National Convention, regaling crowds with stories of their partnership after his wife took the stage to accept the nomination.

So in a way, it makes sense that papers would use a photo of him, given that he was the evening’s main speaker and the former president. But they coupled the images with headlines like “Clinton Claims Nomination” or “Clinton Makes History.”

Check out some examples below:

The Wall Street Journal actually published several editions ― an earlier one featured a photo of Bill Clinton, and a later one switched to a photo of his wife.

“The final edition featured Hillary Clinton once she appeared via video,” spokeswomen Colleen Schwartz told The Huffington Post.

This story has been updated with a comment from the Wall Street Journal.



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