The Most Memorable Newspaper Front Pages, Magazine Covers Of 2013

Biggest Newspaper, Magazine Covers Of 2013

Newspapers and magazines released some pretty groundbreaking front pages and covers this year-- some heartbreaking, some controversial and others eye-opening.

Take a look below at some of the biggest covers from 2013:

The Times, Pope Benedict XVI's resignation:


New York Daily News, U.S. gun control:

gun control

New York Post, "Bag Men":

bag men

Boston magazine, Boston Marathon:


Time Magazine, Edward Snowden:


The New Yorker, Supreme Court DOMA ruling:


Bloomberg Businessweek, "The Hedge Fund Myth":

hedge fund

The Daily News, Trayvon Martin:


New York Magazine, Weiner-Spitzer:


Rolling Stone's "The Bomber":
boston bomber

The New York Daily News, Military action in Syria:

british obama

The Philadelphia Daily News, Washington D.C. Navy Yard shooting:

navy yard

New York Daily News, Government shutdown:

gov shutdown

The Blaze, Twinkie comeback:



The New York Times, Breast cancer genetic testing:

breast cancer

nelson mandela

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