Newspaper Formally Apologizes To Wookiees For A 40-Year-Old 'Star Wars' Mistake

Sorry, Chewie.

Better late than never. 

The Dallas Morning News has apologized for a critical typo it made 40 years ago, when “Star Wars” was first released in movie theaters: 

“Our review of the original Star Wars, which appeared in The Dallas Morning News on May 26, 1977, incorrectly referred to Chewbacca as a ‘Wookie.’ The correct spelling, of course, is ‘Wookiee.’ We regret the error and apologize to the seven-foot-tall hairy alien biped community.”

That triggered another apology: NPR said it also had some Wookie-Wookiee confusion about seven years ago.

The network has now issued its own mea culpa

But not everyone is willing to overlook what happened a long time ago... or at least in 1977. 

In 2015, as “The Force Awakens” hit theaters, New York magazine film critic John Simon revisited the original “Star Wars” review in which he dismissed the film that started it all as “a set of giant baubles manipulated by an infant mind.”

He said in his update that he didn’t relish blockbusters in general.

“Some of them I liked better than others,” he wrote in 2015 at the age of 90. “I was not particularly impressed by Star Wars.” 



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