Newspapers Across Country Support Dem Candidates...

Newspapers Across Country Support Dem Candidates...


CT: New York Times Calls Lamont "By Far the Better Candidate."

MN: Pioneer Press Knows Klobuchar Will Be Independent in Washington.

MN: Duluth News-Tribune Says Minnesotans Would Be Well-Served By Klobuchar.

MO: Kansas City Star Says McCaskill Will "Bring Needed Change."

MT: Great Falls Tribune Calls Some of the Attacks on Tester "Laughable."

NJ: Star-Ledger Chooses Menendez Based on Issues and Experience.

NJ: The Record Worries That Kean Jr. Is "An Enigma" On the Issues.

PA: Times-Tribune Says Casey Is "Exactly What the Senate Needs."

PA: Patriot News Concludes That Santorum "Has Too Many Wrong Answers."

PA: Morning Call Commends Casey's Work As Auditor General and State Treasurer.

VA: Roanoke Times Opts For Independent Webb Over Bush Rubberstamp Allen.

VA: Daily Press Chooses Webb For His Positions on Iraq.

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