Critics Blast Newsweek’s 'Tone Deaf' Penis Balloon-Popping Trump Cover

"Why does every attempt at female empowerment and safety-seeking get equated with castrating or otherwise 'harming' men?"

Newsweek is facing criticism over its latest cover.

For the upcoming Nov. 17 issue, the weekly news magazine used an image of a feminine hand jabbing a needle into a penis-shaped balloon to promote its lead article about women fighting against systemic sexual harassment.

″#MeToo is taking down powerful men in all fields. Is Donald Trump next?” the publication asks in the cover blurb.

The cover story, titled “How Donald Trump rules America’s Garden of Dicks and sparked the #MeToo movement,” drew little comment but Newsweek’s cover image has been described as “tone deaf,” “terrible” and “wrong.”

Some critics used Twitter to ask the magazine why it seemed to equate female empowerment with the harming of men. Another accused Newsweek of turning the “exposure of sexual assault into satire.”

Newsweek has not yet commented on the claims of insensitivity, a sampling of which appear below:

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