How Is Newt's Fidelity Pledge Different From His Wedding Vows?

The latest news from the Gingrich camp is that the GOP front-runner de jour has signed a pledge not to commit adultery again. Personally, I thought we had this covered in his wedding vows, but maybe he had his fingers crossed at the altar so it didn't really count?

Candidate Gingrich responded to a pledge being circulated by an Iowa-based social conservative group called the Family Leader that pretty much covers the full gambit of all things social conservatives consider naughty -- abortion, gay marriage and of course that perennial favorite, adultery.

In a letter released by the group, Gingrich "pledges to uphold the institution of marriage through personal fidelity to my spouse and respect for the marital bonds of others."

I say about time that this repeat philanderer is finally going to toe the line. And I even like that last part -- where he especially won't mess around with anyone who's married -- although frankly, Newt, you're not my type.

But this leads us back to what he said during his wedding vows. Didn't he promise the Mrs. to park his bedroom slippers alongside their marital bed and only their marital bed? Didn't he agree to "forsake all others," even if Monica Lewinsky applied for an internship? Truth is, I didn't like it when Clinton didn't have sex with that woman and I was no more forgiving about JFK's straying either. But here's the thing: that was between them and their wives.

In signing this pledge, Newt makes it between him and the voting public. So Newt, we're watching you because you very stupidly just invited us to. Anyone remember Gary Hart?

Newt gave his word to be faithful to Mrs. Gingrich. Shouldn't that count more than what he promises some group in Iowa?