Newt Gingrich: Brad Pitt Should Play Lead Role In My Movie (AUDIO)

Newt Gingrich has high hopes for his 2012 presidential run. As for who would play him in a movie about his life, the former House speaker's expectations appear to be equally lofty.

TMZ reports that in a Tuesday appearance on the Rich Stevens Radio show, Gingrich was asked who he would like to see play the lead role in such a film. Newt went straight to the top, picking a Hollywood icon.

"Oh, in my fantasy life?," he asked Stevens. "Brad Pitt ... why not?"

Stevens advanced the thought: "Is it because you both look so much alike?"

Newt replied: "No, I don't look like him at all. He's thinner, he's better looking, he's younger. But you asked me if I had anybody who could play me in a movie. Why not go for Brad Pitt?"

While Gingrich has made his career in Washington, Hollywood continues to be a fixture in his free time. The former House speaker is quite the movie buff, holding a lineup of 25 movie channels at home.

Even in the heat of campaigning, Gingrich finds time for films. Back in November, he watched "Bridesmaids" prior to a GOP debate in Detroit. A month earlier, Newt revealed that he and his wife Callista have watched "The Hangover" seven times.

"It's totally stupid, but we can't help ourselves," he told a New Hampshire newspaper.

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