Newt Gingrich Dismisses Republicans' 'Newest Glib Answer' On Diversity (VIDEO)

Gingrich Warns GOP's 'Newest Glib Answer' Won't Be Enough

The GOP's all-white, all-male lineup of House committee chairs represents "a real problem for the Republican Party," Newt Gingrich told Jay Leno on Thursday night.

"The fact is, that picture is, by definition, not helpful," Gingrich said, adding that he planned to spend the next few months studying where Republicans erred in this election cycle and "what we didn't understand about how America's evolving and changing."

"I think we were so wrong this year as a party that we need to fundamentally rethink what we're doing, not just have the newest glib answer from the same guys who were wrong," he said.

Gingrich himself came under fire during the past election for some racial remarks, including his comment that African-Americans should "not be satisfied with food stamps."

Post-election, Gingrich has repeatedly called for the GOP to broaden its reach, and to learn from Obama's successful reelection campaign.

The House speaker also said calls in the party for outreach toward women and minorities weren't the same as actually including diverse voices.

“Outreach is when five white guys have a meeting and call you," he said. "Inclusion is if you’re in the meeting."

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