Newt Gingrich: Libya No-Fly Zone Should Happen 'This Evening'

Newt Gingrich: Libya No-Fly Zone Should Happen 'This Evening'

A number of politicians have come out in favor of intervention in Libya in recent days, including Senators John McCain and John Kerry, reports the National Journal. Newt Gingrich has now added his two cents, going a step further by insisting that the U.S. should institute the policy "this evening."

Gingrich, speaking with Fox News' Greta Van Susteren last night, said that the U.S. should "exercise a no fly zone this evening" and that the U.S. should proceed unilaterally. On forming a coalition with other nations, he said, "The United States doesn't need anybody's permission. We don't need to have NATO, who frankly, won't bring much to the fight. We don't need to have the United Nations."

Rebel forces within Libya have been calling for the U.N. to organize a no-fly zone in order to ward off accusations of "foreign intervention" by the U.S. The Persian Gulf States have also called on the U.N. to oversee the operation, reports the AFP.

Gingrich argued that would take "minutes" for the U.S. military to suppress the Libyan air force. In contrast, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates previously said that beginning a no-fly zone in Libya would be "a big operation in a big country," reports the New York Times.

Gingrich accused the Obama administration of being "confused," saying, "The idea that we're confused about a man who has been an anti-American dictator since 1969 just tells you how inept this administration is." The Obama administration has said that a no-fly zone is being considered, but has not yet committed to the policy, according to the Guardian.

"This is a moment to get rid of [Gaddafi]. Do it. Get it over with," the potential 2012 presidential candidate stated.

According to GlobalPost, European powers, including Britain and France, have also argued for a no-fly zone. Russia, however, which holds a permanent voting seat on the U.N. Security Council, has argued that a no-fly zone would be a "serious interference into the domestic affairs of another country."

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