Will Newt Gingrich Play Peacemaker Between NAACP And Tea Party?

Former GOP House Speaker Newt Gingrich entered the back-and-forth between the Tea Party and NAACP in an unlikely role: possible peacemaker.

Gingrich, who appears to be considering a 2012 presidential run, reached out the the NAACP on Thursday.

"The naacp has opened up a wonderful opportunity for the tea party movement," Gingrich wrote a tweet. "Local tea party leaders across america should reach out."

If tea party leaders contact local naacp chapters and offer to cohost local townhall meetings a wonderful dialogue could begin

african americans want jobs, worry about deficit spending, oppose taxes, love freedom and america--tea party naacp dialogue will be exciting.

Gingrich's role as peacemaker may be vital. On Tuesday night, Sarah Palin denounced the NAACP for passing a resolution condemening alleged racism within the Tea Party.

In response, Tea Party leader Mark Williams fired back at the NAACP, calling it a racist organiztion.