Newt Gingrich: 'The Hangover' Is 'Totally Stupid,' But I've Watched It 7 Times

Struggling GOP presidential candidate Newt Gingrich still has his sense of humor.

Despite reports of his campaign's cash-flow issues, the former House Speaker and his wife, Callista, still find time to watch their Hollywood favorites.

Topping the list is "The Hangover," the rowdy Las Vegas comedy that follows a trio of groomsmen looking for their lost, soon-to-be married friend. He's seen it seven times.

"It's totally stupid, but we can't help ourselves," Gingrich told the Concord Monitor on Sunday.

"I'll get home, and I'll just collapse on the couch," he told the paper. "I'll turn on the TV and flip channels, and I watch almost anything that moves." There's a lot for him to choose from. Gingrich apparently has 25 movie channels, TiVo and Netflix.

Gingrich's affinity for films might stem from his own work. The Hill adds that he and Callista have produced and appeared in several documentaries of their own.

"There's an entire article to be written someday about movies that have shaped my life," he told the Monitor, "because I'm a very movie-centric person."

Word of the family's love for "The Hangover" came hours after star actor Zach Galifianakis celebrated his 42nd birthday.

At this rate, Newt could be a prime candidate to join Alan's wolf pack.

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