Newt Gingrich Will Make Second Attempt At A Campaign Announcement In May

A week after the Newt Gingrich campaign sputtered and fluttered and changed their story about a dozen times on the way to launching a website, they're going to try this whole "announcing a presidential run" thing again. Apparently, the "Suddenly, Maybe" tour will now make a stop in Philadelphia. To do what, exactly? CNN reports:

He revealed he hopes to announce a presidential bid in late May at noon in front of Philadelphia's Independence Hall. He asked the group for help building a national audience for that event on the internet and through local media.

Okay! So we have a specific time and a specific place, but no date? Yes, because Gingrich is still merely "leaning toward a yes" on mounting a campaign. But he's "leaning heavily," at least!

In other news, Gingrich expects to tap former Georgia governor and raving duelist Zell Miller as a campaign co-chair, because, remember, Gingrich is the candidate with all the fresh ideas about politics.

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