Newt Gingrich's Phone Rings During Interview, Embarrassing Ringtone Revealed (VIDEO)

Newt Gingrich came on HuffPost Live to talk guns, FOX News and fiscal cliff business with HuffPost reporter Sam Stein and HuffPost Live Host Marc Lamont Hill, but something else came up: his ringtone.

In the midst of detailing his plan to begin a six-month study called, "Gingrich Productions" where Gingrich is setting out to find out exactly why he, Karl Rove, Dick Morris and several key members of the Romney campaign were so wrong with the numbers on election night, Gingrich's phone began to ring.

As Newt gave the phone away to someone off camera, host Marc Lamont Hill zeroed in on the ringtone, forcing Gingrich to reveal a possibly embarrassing choice of his.

Watch the full segment at HuffPost Live.