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Newtown Elementary School Shooting Benefit: Artist Donates Work To Help Victims

The tragic events that occurred on December 14 at Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown, Conn., ended 26 lives and left the entire nation confused, angry and anxious. Artist Jeremy Collins reacted by channeling his complex emotions and desire to help into a two-color sketch conveying the massive community of friends, community members and absolute strangers willing to send their prayers and support to the victims.

sandy hook art

After receiving an overwhelming response to the piece on Facebook, Collins put the prints up for sale, using proceeds to help pay for families' funeral costs. Collins spreads his message, "the world mourns with you all," through this powerful portrait.

Collins is not the only artist using his or her passion to help the healing process. A Sandy Hook benefit concert is currently in the works and an IndieGogo account is raising funds for an art program to help provide a creative outlet for Sandy Hook students.

Which artworks provide you comfort in coping with this tragedy? Please share your healing art in the comments.