Newy Scruggs, Dallas NBC Sports Reporter, Says Giants Fans Are 'All Half Buzzed Out' (VIDEO)

Dallas NBC reporter Newy Scruggs is in San Francisco covering the World Series. During his live report on Wednesday, he talked about being around Giants fans smoking marijuana.

Scruggs pointed to people next to him and said, "right over there, there are some people smoking weed."

He discussed how the people in San Francisco are nice, unlike New York City.

"People are nice here. We're not in New York. Nobody is going to spit on us," he said. "Nobody is going to come up here and tell us that we're bad people. This is San Francisco. People are smoking weed over there."

While the American League Championship Series between the Texas Rangers and New York Yankees was being played in New York, Yankees fans reportedly harassed Texas pitcher Cliff Lee's wife, Kristen, who was sitting in the visiting family section.

Scruggs went on to say that Giants fans want to see their team win, "but they're all half buzzed out."

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