Next iPhone To Have 4G, NFC? Think Again, Say Analysts

Those hoping that the next iPhone will have 4G capabilities and integrated "wave-and-pay" NFC technology might be thoroughly disappointed when the next-generation iPhone launches, according to two new reports by analysts.

BMO Capital's Keith Bachman wrote on Monday that Apple would not offer a 4G version of the iPhone until at least 2012, Forbes reports.

The device's battery life would take a substantial hit from 4G data transfer, Bachman explained. He opines that the next iPhone release will be "more evolutionary than revolutionary" and might feature "a better camera and perhaps different casing."

Business Insider reports on a Bernstein analyst's note. This analyst predicts that the "iPhone 5" will not include Near Field Communication technology, which would allow the device to transfer data with another device by touching the two together or waving one across the other.

The New York Times has written that Apple is considering releasing an iPhone with NFC capabilities, but that the forthcoming device may skip the feature.

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