Next step in Gov2.0/eGovernment: Apps for Army competition

Hey, the spread of gov 2.0 (eGovernment) across US government is real, and viral.

It's about providing way better public service, about civil servants working together and with citizens to get that done.

Part of this is the Apps For Democracy thing, where people work together to provide useful, effective software for public service. It's spread from Washington DC city to the Federal government, to New York, to San Francisco, and now, to the Army.

The Army announced today it is starting a competition named Apps for
the Army, aimed at fostering the creative development of new
applications for use in the .mil community.

Lt. Gen. Jeff Sorenson, Army chief information officer/G-6, said
the competition is intended to reduce the time the time it takes to
develop new technology applications for the service. But it's also a
way to tap into, and propagate, many of the practical ideas warfighters
are developing on their own to share and use information on the
battlefield, Sorenson said.