The 23 Most Hilarious Moments Of This Surprisingly Funny NFL Season

Obviously, both Browns and Bills fans made this list.

It wasn't the most memorable NFL season when it came to the quality of play. Sixteen teams finished below .500, and three teams in both the AFC South and NFC East finished at .500 or worse. Not great stuff. 

But when it came to funny things that happened on and around the field, it's been great. Fans were jumping on flaming tables and ripping jerseys like Hulk Hogan, while players were messing up in the most spectacular of ways. 

To forget all that mediocrity on the field, we decided to focus on the many tremendously funny moments of the 2015 season. So sit back, relax and have a laugh, football fans! Maybe during the playoffs, the play will catch up. 

  • Drew Stanton Did A Hilarious Kid-Like Touchdown Celebration
    Arizona Cardinals backup quarterback Drew Stanton was so excited by an Andre Ellington touchdown during a Week 10 game against the Seahawks that he celebrated on the sidelines like a little kid.

    Sometimes you gotta cheer like no one's watching.
  • And Cam Newton Did A Fantastic Touchdown Dance, Too
    Cam Newton had some fun dances that he incorporated into his touchdown celebrations. This one was maybe the most controversial. It was also the best.
  • Antonio Brown's Epic Goal Post Celebration Was Fire
    Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown easily had the best touchdown celebration of the year during his team's Week 13 blowout of the Indianapolis Colts. He was flagged and fined, but it must have been so worth it.
  • But His Weird Hairdo Was ...
    Actually, this hairdo just kind of speaks for itself.
  • Calvin Johnson Melted After Aaron Rodgers' Hail Mary
    Immediately after Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers successfully threw a Hail Mary at the end of the team's Week 13 matchup against the Detroit Lions, everybody was left stunned.

    This includes Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson, who just dropped out of the picture in what became perhaps the best Vine of the season.
  • And Aaron Rogers Committed Some Man-On-Tablet Violence
    There has been a number of instances of "man-on-tablet" violence during the season.

    This includes Aaron Rodgers throwing a tablet in anger and Johnny Manziel slamming his head against one.

    Will someone please think of the tablets?
  • On-Field Mics Also Caught Aaron Rodgers Cursing
    As great as the high-tech on-field microphones can be for broadcasts, they can sometimes catch unwanted sound that might include some expletives.

    Aaron Rodgers can be clearly heard yelling "Oh, f**k" after a bad snap during the Packers' Thanksgiving game against the Chicago Bears. Just great stuff.
  • This Bills Fan Caught On Fire And Kept Celebrating Anyway
    Before the final game of the season, a Bills fan decided to jump on and break a table that was set on fire. Naturally, his clothes proceeded to catch fire, too.

    Never change, Bills fans. (Note: THIS WAS OBVIOUSLY A DUMB IDEA.)
  • And This Guy Showed His Big, Beautiful Gut During A Field Goal Attempt
    During a Week 4 game between Dallas and New Orleans, a man with a big belly decided to distract (?) then Saints kicker Zack Hocker with his big, beautiful belly.

    Hocker would miss the kick, so this moment should make it to the Beer Belly Hall of Fame. We're pretty sure you can make out the fan yourself.
  • Kirk Cousins Knew You Liked That
    After leading Washington to a comeback over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, quarterback Kirk Cousins was so pumped that he emphatically screamed, "YOU LIKE THAT" to the cameras.

    As ESPN notes, Cousins is 6-feet-3-inches and has thrown for 23 touchdowns and 3 interceptions since this moment. Washington fans like that.
  • And Tom Brady Expertly Trolled Rex Ryan
    Buffalo Bills coach Rex Ryan's disdain for the New England Patriots is no secret.

    And so, during their Week 11 matchup, Tom Brady and the Pats decided to troll him a little bit by incorporating "Rex Ryan" into their pre-snap cadence.
  • Greg Olsen Was NOT About To Dab
    The Cam Newton-led Carolina Panthers have become the "Dab Squad." So naturally, during their Dec.13 game against the Falcons, a number of players decided to do the dab for the cameras.

    Tight end Greg Olsen was not about it, and so can be seen in the background, stone-faced, partaking in no kind of dab whatsoever. Let's just zero in there.
  • But Jerry Richardson Did Do The Dab And It Was ... Not Good
    There were a lot of bad dabs by coaches and management in 2005, but this dab by Panthers owner Jerry Richardson was probably worst of all of them.
  • This Rams Punter Acted Tough, But Really Wasn't
    St. Louis Rams punter Johnny Hekker acted like a tough guy when he threw a cheap shot at Seahawks linebacker Cliff Avril after a punt in December.

    Luckily, he obviously knew that deep down, he wasn't, as he showed when Avril and Michael Bennett decided to scare the crap out of him to send a message. Message sent.
  • And This NFL Referee Was Just Kidding, You Guys
    Being an NFL official is hard. When you're on the mic in front of thousands of people, a simple mess-up can become an embarrassing blooper.

    Add this to the blooper reel.
  • Danny Amendola Got Tackled ... By His Teammate
    Patriots wide receiver Danny Amendola had a chance to turn an exciting punt return into a touchdown against the New York Giants in Week 10.

    That was, until he was accidentally tripped by teammate Duron Harmon.
  • And J.J. Watt Ruined All The Fun Dances In A Single Sack
    There were a number of dances that were popular in 2015 heading into the new year.

    After a sack against the Jacksonville Jaguars, Houston Texans lineman J.J. Watt was, in just six seconds, able to butcher four of them: the whip, the nae nae, the dab, and ran off the plug twice.
  • Jim Tomsula Was A Doormat Salesman
    Former 49ers head coach Jim Tomsula apparently had some weird jobs before his tenure in San Francisco.
  • Philip Rivers Had A Hilarious Struggle Face
    San Diego Chargers was sad that he had just lost to the Chicago Bears on Monday Night Football.

    But some cameraman's decision to zoom in to his face was the most beautiful thing that happened all night. 
  • The Colts Ran One Of The Dumbest Plays In NFL History
    That was probably the most hilariously awful trick play in history. The Colts decided to shift all the linemen toward the sideline. 

    It ... didn't work out.
  • And Then There Were These Cleveland Brown Fans
  • And This Cleveland Browns Fan
  • And Of Course, That Video Of Sad Browns Fans Set To Adele's 'Hello'
    The Browns were very, very bad this year. 

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