NFL Draft History: Tom Brady, Shannon Sharpe Among Late-Round Picks Who Became Stars

The revamped, multi-day schedule of the NFL Draft gives the players selected in first round an entire night to themselves. But hearing one's name called on Thursday by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is no guarantor of success. While most of the early attention (and early money) will be paid to the higher picks of the NFL Draft, some of the greatest players of all time were selected in the later rounds.

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was a sixth-round pick out of Michigan in 2000. He has won the Super Bowl three times and was named MVP in two of those wins. Terrell Davis, another sixth-round pick out of Georgia in 1995, won the Super Bowl twice with the Broncos. Going back a bit further, Johnny Unitas and Bart Starr were selected well after the first round as well.

Here are 19 late-round gems from the NFL Draft. Which team will unearth this year's diamond in the rough?

Surprising Late-Round NFL Draft Picks