Gun Commercial Banned From Super Bowl 2014 By Fox Due To NFL Rules: REPORT

A commercial for gun manufacturer Daniel Defense won't be aired during Super Bowl XLVIII after FOX rejected the spot, according to The one-minute ad was reportedly rejected due to NFL policy regarding prohibited advertising categories.

“Unfortunately, we cannot accept your commercial in football/Super Bowl spots due to the rules the NFL itself has set into place for your company’s category," FOX said in a statement to Daniel Defense, per

Each year ads are rejected by the network broadcasting the Super Bowl for a variety of reasons. In some cases, these ads fall within one of the NFL's prohibited advertising categories. Regardless of the reason behind its rejection, a banned ad can seemingly generate as much attention as an ad permitted to air during the game.

"I remember one year when the networks wouldn't allow one of the Bud Light spots in the game, so Bud actually released it online as, 'the Super Bowl ad the networks wouldn't let you see,'" Tanin Blumberg, an account director at Goodby, Silverstein & Partners and Budweiser Super Bowl ad veteran, told Business Insider in February 2013. "It was pretty smart … got about 1 million views on YouTube in just a few days."

On the same day that reported that this ad had been rejected, Daniel Defense uploaded it to YouTube.



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