NFL Legend Reggie Williams Can Walk Again Because of Marijuana

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Reggie Williams played 14 seasons for the Cincinnati Bengals, starting in 1976. During that time, the Bengals were in two Super Bowls and Williams was NFL Man of the Year in 1986. However, as a result of his strenuous career, Williams has major knee problems.

Williams has received 24 operations on his right knee, and until not too long ago, he was in almost constant pain. Then, a couple years ago, he was given a time-release medicinal patch that he put on his knee, and it contained CBD. Since then, he’s been able to walk and function without having nearly as much pain.

“I’m enjoying some significant benefit in the quality of my life because of medical cannabis topicals,’’ Williams told the Cincinnati Enquirer in November. “There is reduced pain and inflammation that I experience chronically in my joints.’’

Williams appeared at The 420 Games in Santa Monica, Calif. on April 1 at the Pure Ratios booth. Pure Ratios produces a cannabinoid patch that he uses to treat his knee problems, and he has endorsed their products. He’s hoping his story will inspire the NFL to change its policies surrounding players using medical marijuana.

“I can jump out of a car, put my shoes on and start walking without any of the limbering and stretching I had to do every time I got in and out of a car or a table or any close space,” Williams said of his life after he started to use medical marijuana products.

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