NFL Players Are Not Exactly Thrilled About Returning To Dorm Life

Before the NFL returns, many players are heading back to school.

With teams opening up training camps across the country, many players have been moving into the dormitories they'll be staying in for a few weeks. Nine out of the 32 teams will be staying at college campuses and not all of them seem to be feeling too nostalgic about the experience.

The Minnesota Vikings will be training and staying on Minnesota State University's campus. Take a look at former NFL MVP Adrian Peterson's new digs.

To make matter worse, the Vikings have already had to deal with a false fire alarm at 1:30 a.m during their stay.

The New Orleans Saints are staying at the Greenbrier Resort but that didn't keep tight end Jimmy Graham from finding something to complain about. Teammate Pierre Thomas caught Graham's reaction to his temporarily abode.