NFL RedZone Host Becomes A Real-Life 'This Is Fine' Meme As Alarm Sounds In Studio

Scott Hanson pushed through the false alarm Sunday, in what he called a first in his time on the football program.

NFL RedZone host Scott Hanson kept his cool amid a blaring alarm as he told viewers that people at the Inglewood, California, studios needed to “evacuate” the building on Sunday.

Hanson, during a game between the Buffalo Bills and the Philadelphia Eagles, announced what he called a “first” in his broadcasting career as he acknowledged the loud noise.

“We do not know the nature of the emergency ― you can probably hear the alarm going right over the top of my right shoulder here,” Hanson said of the “unprecedented” matter during a program that promises “seven hours of commercial-free football.”

After his initial announcement, Hanson delivered another message for football fans as the alarm sounded “Attention, attention.”

“I’ve never had this happen before, I’m pretty sure all our professionals haven’t either,” he said, before soldiering on with Sunday’s top five plays.

He later signed off from the program as the alarm continued to sound.

The sound was a “false alarm” and “no business functions” were interrupted, NFL Media later announced on X (formerly Twitter).

Football fans praised Hanson for his response, likening him to a real-life version of the “This Is Fine” dog, a popular image created by cartoonist KC Green.

“Literally,” Hanson replied. “Figuratively.”

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