NFL Week 6: Devastating Blows Produce Devastating Outcomes. Players Can NOT Have It Both Ways

I watched NFL Week 6, the bone-crushing collisions, the ubiquitous ESPN highlights and listened to the debates/opinions of ex-NFL players turned TV analysts. The NFL Front office has spoken. They will suspend players for devastating hits.

Many ex-NFL players and presumably some current players are concerned about losing the integrity of the game by attempting to legislate "physicality" or the intense, inherently violent nature of the sport.

It was reported on ESPN that a current assistant NFL coach suggested that young men choose to play football and that they are not forced.

Therefore is it reasonable to assume/conclude that they also choose to become crippled for the rest of their lives? Because that is what often happens to hundreds if not thousands of young, once amazingly healthy men.

If you question my assertion (and you should) visit some of the injured and disabled players' web sites to gain a better understanding of the true aftermath of this game that we all love.

Players both current and retired cannot continue to believe that they can enthusiastically destroy each other on the field and then fade away into retirement to enjoy a happy, healthy productive and relatively pain and operation-free life.

The current style of football is producing relatively young men with seriously damaged brains, bodies and lives at an alarming rate.

What is the correct answer? I am not certain but I do know that it involves taking action during the game and not by merely ignoring disabilities, minimizing injuries and/or refusing benefits in retirement.