Niall Horan And Actor Jonathan Lipnicki Are Twins In This Cute Photo

It's all in the specs!

Singer Niall Horan of One Direction was spotted Sunday at the American Music Awards wearing a pair of glasses -- and the Internet took notice.

Many said the dapper specs made Horan look "mature" and "chic." Actor Jonathan Lipnicki, the little kid that appeared in "Jerry McGuire" and "Stuart Little," just thought the glasses made Niall look like him. 

In a cute tweet, Lipnicki mentioned Horan, saying, "You and I, we aren't so different." 

And for those who were wondering, this is what the 25-year-old Lipnicki looks like now.

He's still acting, so look out for Lipnicki in upcoming projects like "The Lake," "Loserville," "Limelight" and more. 


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