This Pet Duck Is Beyond Psyched To See His Human Bestie Come Home From School

Friendship knows no species -- just ask these two BFFs.

Jonny and Nibbles are the best of friends. Nibbles is an 11-month-old duck, and Jonny is a 10-year-old human. BuzzFeed recently spoke with Jonny’s mother, Jamie Toschi, who posted a video of her son’s feathered friend eagerly awaiting the arrival of his BFF. In the video, Nibbles sits shotgun in the car while he and Toschi wait for Jonny to get off the school bus. And Nibbles gets totally turnt, quacking up a storm, when he sees his bestie. “I knew he was going to start quaking when he saw Jonny get off the bus,” Toschi told the site.

Nibbles is a Rouen drake who has had a special bond with Jonny since his birth, Toschi wrote on YouTube. Jonny was best friends with Daisy, Nibble’s mom, who died a month after she laid 10 eggs. When the baby chicks hatched, Jonny was the first person Nibbles saw. “Jonny was devastated when Daisy died and he held on to Nibbles and never let go,” Toschi wrote.

This special moment blossomed into a wonderful friendship. Toschi chronicles the growing bond between the boy and his duck on a Facebook page, “The Adventures of Jonny and Nibbles.” There, she describes Nibbles as Jonny’s BFF (BIRD FRIEND FOREVER). The photos show the two friends playing outside, riding in the car, and just chilling and watching TV together at home. You know, best friend stuff.

Nibbles has helped Jonny to come out of his shell.” Toschi told BuzzFeed. ““This duck has definitely made an impact on his life.”

If you're thinking of getting a pet duck, check out PETA's fact sheet to make an informed and ethical decision.



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