Nic Cage On A Plane: The Worst PHOTO Of Him Ever?

The Worst Photo Of Nic Cage Ever?

nic cage plane photo

You know when you bump into a celebrity in some random place and he or she is just totally awesome and decides to snap a cool candid photo or two, or chill and smoke hookahs and just clown around?

This isn't one of those times. Reddit user "EffThisImOut" posted this incredibly unflattering photo of Nicolas Cage to the social news site Oct. 8, and it almost backfired, receiving more than 3,100 "down votes" at the time of writing.

Believe it or not, it isn't the only lackluster photo of Nic Cage in an air-travel related setting to surface on Reddit this week. Evidently, the guy can't catch a flight without ending up on someone's Facebook. Or celebrity news site, for that matter (guilty as charged).

Some Redditors expressed their sympathy:

"I'm annoyed [on] Nick Cage's behalf," wrote "NeonSubtlety."

"Maybe one day people will realize how f***ing obnoxious they all are and leave the man alone. Maybe," wrote "jamie_byron_dean."

Bad Redditor! No karma!

Our advice to Nic? For starters, let's lose the beard, dude. Or actually, maybe not.

(via Reddit)

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