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Nic Cage's Stolen Comic Expected To Shatter Expensive Record (VIDEO)

Nicolas Cage has had his fair share of eccentric purchases in the past, from luxury dinosaur bones to a pyramid tomb to a $150,000 comic book. It turns out that last one was a pretty good investment, as that same comic is now expected to break the auction record for most expensive comic.

This comic book, telling the triumphs of Superman in the collection 'Action Comics,' has a long and suspenseful history. Three years after Cage bought it in 1997, it was stolen from his California home. In 2011, the comic was found in a San Fernando Valley storage locker. Cage referred to the surprising return as "divine providence."

The copy is legendary among comic collectors and fans due to its pristine condition. With a 9/10 grading, it is the highest graded issue of that particular comic known to exist. In 2010, an 8.5-rated copy sold for $1.5 million, breaking the record for most expensive comic at the time. This upcoming auction is predicted to shatter this previous record. The history behind the comic is as riveting as any adventure story. Get a glimpse of the famed pages below:

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