'Nice Guys Of LA' Video Fires Back At 'Women of LA' Viral Hit

"I want a nice guy whose presence I enjoy, who sees in me more than just a walking, talking f*ck toy. Wait I forgot it's more important that I'm hot. … I'm way better off if I bought big fake tits!"

This is from comedian Julia Griswold's YouTube video "Nice Guys of LA" (above), which is a direct response to the sexist, misogynist viral video "Women of LA."

In "Women of LA," comedians Jamie Abrams and DJ Lubel sing about not being hot or rich enough to attract any LA women. The viral hit depicts LA women as super-vain, drug-addicted materialists.

Firing back, Griswold's "Nice Guys of LA" rolls with the concept to show how ridiculous it is. The chorus of the song: "We deserve to get laid. We are the nice guys of LA."

Do you think that Abrams and Lubel's video (below) makes a good point, or does "Nice Guys Of LA" hit the nail on the head?

WARNING: Language and video is graphic.