Nice Jewish Guys Calendar 2014 Pairs Up With JDate

2014 Nice Jewish Guys Calendar Will Tug At Your Heartstrings

This year the calendar’s creators paired up with Jewish dating site JDate for some bonus bachelors. Let's just say there are no schmucks in this heap of hunks.

While they aren’t exactly cut from the same cloth as the men in the hot Roman priests calendar, they’re quite a smorgasbord of real, fun-loving guys.

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John is Mr. March 2014.

From Howie Mandel’s son, Alex, who loves a good V-neck, to Kristopher, who hails from Detroit and “claims his nose is his sexiest attribute,” there’s something for everyone in this candy dish of dreams for the new year.

We caught up with Adam #1, known formally as Adam Epelbaum, 22, one of the four “chosen ones” on the JDate-sponsored January 2015 bonus page, to talk about his experience becoming one of the most-wanted nice Jewish guys out there.

adam epelbaum
Adam Epelbaum, one of the four bachelors featured on JDate's January 2015 bonus calendar page, really loves his bubby.

The Huffington Post: How did you get approached about being in the calendar?

Adam Epelbaum: I think I saw a Facebook post advertised on the side, asking, “Are you a nice Jewish guy?” I was like obviously, so I submitted myself and did whatever I had to do. I pretty much wrote the word "grandma" a thousand times and seemed sincere.

HP: How would you sell yourself to all the single ladies out there?

AE: I’m a really great listener, probably one of the better listeners I know. I’m easygoing, and I don’t harp on small things. I know how to make a random Tuesday feel like a three-day weekend.

HP: Who is your dream girl?

AE: They have to be funny, level-headed, active -- they can’t be content with looking at Facebook all day -- smart, and they have to have a good Netflix queue, because in a relationship you’re going to share it. That’s a make-it-or-break-it situation in today’s world.

HP: Have you had any success on JDate?

AE: I have friends who’ve used the website and had long relationships on it. Every time I go home for the holidays it’s one of the main topics from my family. "How’s your profile looking?" They don’t creep over it, but I know they have certain things they’d like to me look over. If I fall for someone that makes my family very happy, I may as well abide by that.

HP: What kind of responses have you had from being in the calendar?

AE: I’ve brought it up in conversation, and it seems to be a home run. It’s definitely one of my favorite decisions I’ve ever made. At the end of the day, my grandma is going to see this [calendar], and it’s going to make her life.

Mazel, Adam!

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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