National Institute For Challenging Homophobia Explores LGBTI Identity (VIDEO)

WATCH: Powerful Video Explains And Discusses Intersex Identity

Over the past several months, Australia's National Institute for Challenging Homophobia Education (NICHE) has been engaged in an incredibly impactful and emotional video campaign called "YourStory," attempting to collect "hundreds of everyday LGBTI stories from regional, rural and remote" parts of the country.

Each video features an individual that identifies with a different letter of the LGBTQI "alphabet soup" sharing their personal story of identity development as they illustrate and map their narrative on a whiteboard.

In this video, Tony, an intersex individual, shares a remarkably powerful story that illustrates the arduous path of people born into this world whose bodies and experiences don't fit into a binary structure. Focusing heavily on the gatekeeping and regulatory tactics of medical institutions, check out the video above and develop a more expansive understanding of what it means to be intersex through the perspective of Tony's life trajectory.

If the YourStory campaign intrigues you, check out the other videos NICHE has as part of this same project:


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