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Niche Your Virtual Assistant Business

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You have started your virtual assistant business and now are searching for clients. Where do you begin? When you are preparing for what type of clients you want start asking yourself what you are good at and what kind of business market do you want to work with?

When starting your own business you might feel you need to take every client you can get. Not necessarily the case. That will cause headache and heartburn.

By specializing or being in a "niche" business you can offer support through your virtual assistant business. Now that you are specialized you can charge a higher fee of up to $100 an hour. The more niched you are the richer your pocket book becomes.

7 Examples of Specialized or Niche Markets:

• Real Estate Assistants
• Research and preparation of bilingual documents and materials
• Medical transcription
• Graphic Design
• Social Media Expertise
• Assisting in technology, financial services, law or health care
• Bookkeeping, tax prep or accounting

Remember it takes guts and determination to succeed as a virtual assistant. Set rules for yourself and be determined to succeed. Here are some other factors that will help you succeed:

• Drive and determination to see You and Your clients succeed
• Ability to work as part of a team
• Good grammar and basic English or language skills
• Excellent customer service skills
• If you make a mistake, own it and correct it
• No plagiarism
• Set your work hours

When I started my virtual assistant business in 2005 I didn't have set hours. What happened? I started working all through the night and I wasn't very productive. Set your goals and once you find your niche clients work the hours that suitable for you. Your business is to help your clients succeed but it is also your business to see your business succeed by adopting rules.

Correct as often as you need to but never quit. If one client isn't working out don't feel bad about firing them. Once you fire them another one will show up. Niche it and make it succeed. You will be glad you did.

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