Nicholas Carr On Colbert: Multitasking Makes Us Worse At Multitasking (VIDEO)

Nicholas Carr, author of the new book "The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to our Brains," talked to Stephen Colbert last night about how the Internet is making us more superficial. He said that we have begun to multitask more and more, and have a harder time focusing and thinking deeply because of it. In fact, Carr said, the more we multitask, the worse we get at multitasking itself, in addition to other cognitive tasks. Colbert offered up the website Reddit as an example, admitting his love for the site: "I could burn my entire life on that site," he said.

Carr said that what we need is a return to attentive thinking, that introspection and reflection have been the sources of most of the advances and knowledge that we have today, and that they should not be lost.


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