Is 67-Year-Old Calvin Klein Dating 20-Year-Old Nicolas Gruber? (PHOTOS)

Update: Gawker might have uncovered some gay porn made by Gruber.

Previously: Does Calvin Klein have a new boyfriend? Gawker has finally put its finger on something that the fashion community has been wondering about all summer, since around May, when the 67-year-old Klein started showing up to events with Nicholas Gruber, a 20-year-old model. Gawker determined that Nick is "from Crystal River, Florida, graduated high school last year, and is currently enrolled at Santa Rosa Junior College north of San Francisco. He's friends with the general assortment of young ladies and hot gay guys one would expect of a handsome young dude. But he's also friends with a gay pornographer named Blue Blake." Interesting. And apparently, Page Six called Gruber Klein's "partner" in its print edition last week. While the Gruber rumors are just speculation, Klein does have a history with men. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Check out some pictures from Klein and Gruber's possible summer of love.