Nicholas Taylor, 10-Year-Old Student, Made To Sit At 'Silent Table' For 'Pizza Gun' (VIDEO)

10-Year-Old Punished For Waving 'Pizza Gun'

After allegedly waving around a slice of pizza that was possibly shaped like a gun, 10-year-old Nicholas Taylor has been forced to eat lunch at the "silent table" at his Smyrna, Tenn. school for six days, WKRN reports.

According to the report, David Youree Elementary School officials said Taylor "threatened other students" with a slice of pizza that had bites out of it in a way that made it look like a gun.

Now, the 10-year-old will have to eat his lunch removed from his schoolmates -- a punishment the boy's mother, LeeAnn, told the station is "absolutely ridiculous."

"The kid across the table from him said it looked like a gun so he picked it up and started shooting it in the air," she told WKRN.

Along with the silent lunches, Taylor has also spent time with the school resource officer to learn about gun safety.

This incident comes after a 9-year-old student was suspended for sexual harassment for calling a teacher "cute" last month.

Like LeeAnn, Chiquita Lockett, the offending boy's mother, told WSOC TV she doesn't agree with the punishment.

"It's not like he went up to the woman and tried to grab her or touch her in a sexual way. So why would he be suspended for two days?"

The month prior, 7th grade student Je'Terra Bowie was suspended for allegedly touching her teacher with a pencil by accident as she reached back to stretch.

"I didn't know she stopped behind me," Bowie told WDIV. "She stopped, and I stretched back. I turned back and said, 'Sorry. I didn't mean to.'"

According to the WDIV report, other students wrote letters asserting the incident was an accident once the 7th grader left the classroom.

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