Nick Cannon Has Cheetah Print Hair Now

After donning whiteface to promote his new album, "White People Party Music," Nick Cannon is no stranger to a little transformation.

The rapper/TV personality shared a couple of selfies on his Instagram account Monday morning, March 31, to debut his drastic new hairdo, which features cheetah spots.

Cannon revealed that he was a bit hesitant to post the photo -- not because his head looks like a wild animal, but because he doesn't normally take selfies. He captioned the photo, "I usually don't do #Selfies but I think my new hairstyle is worth it! #Animal #TheWildLife #IFinallyLostIt #Cheetah #CantCatchMe #TooFast #TryToKeepUp #wppm #Ncredible."

Along with a second angle of the 'do, Cannon shared that his hair makeover took a total of five hours to complete.

Can't keep up with all of Cannon's latest changes? Don't feel bad, cheetah speed is hard to match.



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