Nick Cannon Responds To Mariah Carey's Engagement In The Best Way


When your ex gets engaged, most of us try to respond maturely, which basically means hiding their Facebook posts from the news feed. It's the adult thing to do. But not even Facebook has a setting that can ignore Mariah Carey's new engagement ring. (Sorry, Nick Cannon, you're on your own.)

Cannon's ex-wife, Carey, and her boyfriend, billionaire James Packer, got engaged earlier this week. While many of us might go into an existential crisis when our ex starts wearing bling brighter than the sun, Cannon did something pretty fantastic.

The comedian took to Instagram and shared a meme showing him apparently being hospitalized because of the news:

In the caption, Cannon explained how the photo made him LOL (for real) and offered his congratulations to the couple.

"Congrats to @MariahCarey and James! May God Bless Your Future Union... #GreatPeople#GreatCouple," wrote the comedian.

Despite Carey and Cannon's split last year, the singer and the "America's Got Talent" host have remained close. The pair even celebrated the holidays together with their twins last December.

Congratulations to the happy couple! And congrats to Nick Cannon for being about the coolest ex ever. Dude's got talent.

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