Nick Cannon Explores Love In New Docu-Short

"Love is a vibration. And when you feel it, you go with it.”

Nick Cannon is putting his hopeless romantic side to good use in his new docu-film, “Why Real is Rare.”

In partnership with the Diamond Producers Association (DPA), the digital short, which is a part of DPA’s broader “Real is Rare” relationship campaign, features the “America’s Got Talent” interviewing couples about when they realized their relationship was a genuine commitment.

As a self-described “student of love,” Cannon told The Huffington Post that the docu-short serves as catalyst for his own personal relationships.

“When I say ‘I’m a student of love’ that means that I’m constantly learning and I feel like I don’t know anything when it comes to it, really,” he said during an interview with HuffPost.

“I have my opinions and my theories. But that’s what was really unique about this process, is hearing everyone having a different story, different journey. And it just shows you, there’s no right or wrong way to love someone. And as much as we try to say, ‘Oh, this is what you have to do,’ or ‘you have to get married,’ or ‘you have to date for this amount of time,’ it’s like nah, love is a vibration. And when you feel it, you go with it,” he added.

Cannon added that he approached the project through the lens of a filmmaker, as he wanted to make a statement “artistically” and use it as a “social experiment” and a “case study.'

“Everyone was so in love with their partner that they felt like it was real, and rare, and it was unique,” he said. “It was almost at that feeling that you think time had stopped and you just want to be focused in this moment. And to me that’s the best kind [of love].”

Check out Nick Cannon’s docu-short, “Why Real is Rare” above.



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