Nick Cannon Reveals A Little TMI About Sex With Mariah Carey

"Hero" will never be the same again.
Mariah Carey's&nbsp;ex is oversharing... <i>again.&nbsp;</i>
Mariah Carey's ex is oversharing... again. 

Back in 2012, Nick Cannon told Howard Stern that he and then-wife Mariah Carey made love while listening to her music. (TMI, Nick.)

On “The Amber Rose” show last Friday, Cannon was asked about the subject again. Apparently, the on-air overshare back in the day got him in some hot water with Carey.

“I answered this question when I was married ― mistake!” the 35-year-old “Wild ‘N Out” host told Rose. “[Mariah] didn’t like the fact that I told the world that we had sex to her music but it was true.”

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Of course, Cannon didn’t stop there.

“Can you imagine having sex with Mariah Carey while Mariah Carey is playing in the background? That is a dream come true,” he said, before revealing their sexy time soundtrack of choice: Carey’s 1993 smash hit “Hero.”

“Sorry, Mariah. I said I wasn’t going to say that again,” Cannon added.


Cannon, who split from Carey after six years of marriage in 2014, also talked about co-parenting the couple’s two kids with the 46-year-old Grammy winner.

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“I speak to her every single day. Matter of fact, I gotta leave here and go pick up the kids,” Cannon told Rose. “We just make sure that [the kids] are happy and they understand unconditional love.”

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