Nick Carter And His Wife Are Expecting Their First Child

A time comes in every Backstreet Boy's life when he must become a Backstreet Man.

In the song "Everybody," a young Backstreet Boy once asked, "Am I sexual?" to which his fellow hind avenue lads reassured him, "Ye-ah." That still-blossoming singer was Nick Carter and now his question has been answered without a shadow of a doubt.

Carter and his wife, Lauren Kitt, are now expecting their first child, an unnamed "insider" confirmed to Us Weekly. The mystery source apparently claimed, "They are so happy and overjoyed," and added, "They've been trying and waiting for such a long time."

As the Backstreet Boys documentary "Show 'Em What You're Made Of" successfully debuted in January and Season 21 of ABC's "Dancing with the Stars" continues on with Carter -- a professional boy-band dancer -- dominating the competition, 2015 has been a year more similar to others in this decade to the 1997 "Everybody" debut, when bodies were rocked right.

Carter and Kitt got married in April 2014 and were engaged for slightly over a year before that. As they welcome a new Backstreet Baby into this world, their love has seemingly also become larger than life.

The Huffington Post reached out to Carter's publicist for confirmation, but did not hear back immediately for comment.


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